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Our coffee brand’s high standards make our coffee uniquely and uniformly delicious no matter which location you visit, anywhere in the world.

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Our coffee is designed to please even the most sophisticated palates.

Ethiopian Yrgacheffe

ETHIOPIAN YRGACHEFFE – Has a mellow body with an almost floral sweetness. Often found to possess fruity undertones. CALL TO ORDER: (937) 750-3094


About Us

Celestine’s Exquisite coffee began as the idea of two college students over 20 years ago in Toledo, Ohio. Their journey led to the exploration of over 30 single origin coffees, each possessing its own unique flavor and characteristics. Over the years, our appreciation of single origin coffees has grown exponentially. Celestine’s has selected 11 exquisite single origins coffees with the intent of tantalizing the taste buds of fine gourmet coffee consumers.

Our coffee experts travel worldwide to evaluate green coffee, selecting only the best varieties to use in Celestine’s Exquisite Coffee blends. Once selected, the specific coffees move on to the blending and evaluation stage. Blending the Celestine’s way is a real art, perfected through experimentation in search of specific  flavor profiles. Our blends are a composite of various recipes, which make each of our coffees unique and recognizable. Celestine’s blends comprised of up to four different single origin coffees, designed to please even the most sophisticated palates.